Kosmochemie, Geochemie en Biogeochemie

Second edition, 2014, published online 19 october 2013
16 volumes, 270 chapters, 9144 pages


Volume 1: Meteorites and Cosmochemical Processes
Volume 2: Planets, Asteriods, Comets and The Solar System
Volume 3: The Mantle and Core
Volume 4: The Crust
Volume 5: The Atmosphere
Volume 6: The Atmosphere – History
Volume 7: Surface And Groundwater, Weathering and Soils
Volume 8: The Oceans and Marine Geochemistry
Volume 9: Sediments, Diagenesis and Sedimentary Rocks
Volume 10: Biogeochemistry
Volume 11: Environmental Geochemistry
Volume 12: Organic Geochemistry
Volume 13: Geochemistry of Mineral Deposits
Volume 14: Archaeology and Anthropology
Volume 15: Analytical Geochemistry/Inorganic Instrumental Analysis
Volume 16: Index and Appendices

Table of contents

Volume 1: Meteorites and Cosmochemical Processes
Harold C. Urey, p xiii PDF
Volume Editor’s Introduction
Andrew M. Davis, pp xxiii-xxiv PDF
1.1 – Classification of Meteorites and Their Genetic Relationships
A.N. Krot, K. Keil, … M.K. Weisberg, pp 1-63 PDF
1.2 – Chondrites and Their Components
E.R.D. Scott and A.N. Krot, pp 65-137 PDF
1.3 – Calcium–Aluminum-Rich Inclusions in Chondritic Meteorites
G.J. MacPherson, pp 139-179 PDF
1.4 – Presolar Grains
E. Zinner, pp 181-213 PDF
1.5 – Structural and Isotopic Analysis of Organic Matter in Carbonaceous Chondrites
I. Gilmour, pp 215-233 PDF
1.6 – Achondrites
D.W. Mittlefehldt, pp 235-266 PDF
1.7 – Iron and Stony-Iron Meteorites
G.K. Benedix, H. Haack and T.J. McCoy, pp 267-285 PDF
1.8 – Early Solar Nebula Grains – Interplanetary Dust Particles
J.P. Bradley, pp 287-308 PDF
1.9 – Nebular Versus Parent Body Processing
A.J. Brearley, pp 309-334 PDF
1.10 – Condensation and Evaporation of Solar System Materials
A.M. Davis and F.M. Richter, pp 335-360 PDF
1.11 – Short-Lived Radionuclides and Early Solar System Chronology
A.M. Davis and K.D. McKeegan, pp 361-395 PDF
1.12 – Solar System Time Scales from Long-Lived Radioisotopes in Meteorites and Planetary Materials
M. Wadhwa, pp 397-418 PDF
1.13 – Cosmic-Ray Exposure Ages of Meteorites
G.F. Herzog and M.W. Caffee, pp 419-454 PDF

Volume 2: Planets, Asteriods, Comets and The Solar System
Alastair G.W. Cameron p xiii PDF
Volume Editor’s Introduction
Andrew M. Davis, pp xxiii-xxiv PDF
2.1 – Origin of the Elements
A. Heger, C. Fröhlich and J.W. Truran, pp 1-14 PDF
2.2 – Solar System Abundances of the Elements
H. Palme, K. Lodders and A. Jones, pp 15-36 PDF
2.3 – The Solar Nebula
A.P. Boss and F.J. Ciesla, pp 37-53 PDF
2.4 – Planet Formation
J.E. Chambers, pp 55-72 PDF
2.5 – The Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry of Impacts
C. Koeberl, pp 73-118 PDF
2.6 – Mercury
T.J. McCoy and L.R. Nittler, pp 119-126 PDF
2.7 – Venus
B. Fegley, pp 127-148 PDF
2.8 – The Origin and Earliest History of the Earth
A.N. Halliday, pp 149-211 PDF
2.9 – The Moon
P.H. Warren and G.J. Taylor, pp 213-250 PDF
2.10 – Mars
H.Y. McSween and S.M. McLennan, pp 251-300 PDF
2.11 – Giant Planets
J.I. Lunine, pp 301-312 PDF
2.12 – Major Satellites of the Giant Planets
T.V. Johnson, pp 313-334 PDF
2.13 – Comets
D.E. Brownlee, pp 335-363 PDF
2.14 – Asteroids
T.H. Burbine, pp 365-415 PDF

Volume 3: The Mantle and Core
Ted Ringwood, p xiii PDF
Volume Editor’s Introduction
Richard W. Carlson, pp xxiii-xxvi PDF
3.1 – Cosmochemical Estimates of Mantle Composition
H. Palme and H.St.C. O’Neill, pp 1-39 PDF
3.2 – Geophysical Constraints on Mantle Composition
C.R. Bina and G. Helffrich, pp 41-65 PDF
3.3 – Sampling Mantle Heterogeneity through Oceanic Basalts: Isotopes and Trace Elements
A.W. Hofmann, pp 67-101 PDF
3.4 – Orogenic, Ophiolitic, and Abyssal Peridotites
J.-L. Bodinier and M. Godard, pp 103-167 PDF
3.5 – Mantle Samples Included in Volcanic Rocks
D.G. Pearson, D. Canil and S.B. Shirey, pp 169-253 PDF
3.6 – The Formation and Evolution of Cratonic Mantle Lithosphere – Evidence from Mantle Xenoliths
D.G. Pearson and N. Wittig, pp 255-292 PDF
3.7 – Noble Gases as Mantle Tracers
D.R. Hilton and D. Porcelli, pp 293-325 PDF
3.8 – Noble Gases as Tracers of Mantle Processes
D.R. Hilton and D. Porcelli, pp 327-353 PDF
3.9 – Volatiles in Earth’s Mantle
R.W. Luth, pp 355-391 PDF
3.10 – Melt Extraction and Compositional Variability in Mantle Lithosphere
M.J. Walter, pp 393-419 PDF
3.11 – Trace Element Partitioning: The Influences of Ionic Radius, Cation Charge, Pressure, and Temperature
B.J. Wood and J.D. Blundy, pp 421-448 PDF
3.12 – Partition Coefficients at High Pressure and Temperature
K. Righter, L. Danielson, … K. Domanik, pp 449-477 PDF
3.13 – The Subduction-Zone Filter and the Impact of Recycled Materials on the Evolution of the Mantle
J.G. Ryan and C. Chauvel, pp 479-508 PDF
3.14 – Convective Mixing in the Earth’s Mantle
P.E. van Keken, C.J. Ballentine and E.H. Hauri, pp 509-525 PDF
3.15 – Experimental Constraints on Core Composition
J. Li and Y. Fei, pp 527-557 PDF
3.16 – Compositional Model for the Earth’s Core
W.F. McDonough, pp 559-577 PDF

Volume 4: The Crust
Victor Goldschmidt, p xiii PDF
Volume Editor’s Introduction
Roberta L. Rudnick, pp xxiii-xxvi PDF
4.1 – Composition of the Continental Crust
R.L. Rudnick and S. Gao, pp 1-51 PDF
4.2 – Constraints on Crustal Heat Production from Heat Flow Data
C. Jaupart and J.-C. Mareschal, pp 53-73 PDF
4.3 – Continental Basaltic Rocks
G.L. Farmer, pp 75-110 PDF
4.4 – Volcanic Degassing: Process and Impact
C. Oppenheimer, T.P. Fischer and B. Scaillet, pp 111-179 PDF
4.5 – Timescales of Magma Transfer and Storage in the Crust
M.R. Reid, pp 181-201 PDF
4.6 – Fluid Flow in the Deep Crust
J.J. Ague, pp 203-247 PDF
4.7 – Geochemical Zoning in Metamorphic Minerals
M.J. Kohn, pp 249-280 PDF
4.8 – Thermochronology in Orogenic Systems
K.V. Hodges, pp 281-308 PDF
4.9 – Subduction of Continental Crust to Mantle Depth
J. Hermann and D. Rubatto, pp 309-340 PDF
4.10 – U–Th–Pb Geochronology
Blair Schoene, pp 341-378 PDF
4.11 – Growth and Differentiation of the Continental Crust from Isotope Studies of Accessory Minerals
A.I.S. Kemp and C.J. Hawkesworth, pp 379-421 PDF
4.12 – Physics and Chemistry of Deep Continental Crust Recycling
C.-T.A. Lee, pp 423-456 PDF
4.13 – Composition of the Oceanic Crust
W.M. White and E.M. Klein, pp 457-496 PDF
4.14 – The Lower Oceanic Crust
L.A. Coogan, pp 497-541 PDF
4.15 – Melt Migration in Oceanic Crustal Production: A U-Series Perspective
T. Elliott and M. Spiegelman, pp 543-581 PDF
4.16 – Chemical Fluxes from Hydrothermal Alteration of the Oceanic Crust
H. Staudigel, pp 583-606 PDF
4.17 – The Chemical Composition of Subducting Sediments
T. Plank, pp 607-629 PDF
4.18 – Oceanic Plateaus
A.C. Kerr, pp 631-667 PDF
4.19 – Devolatilization During Subduction
M.W. Schmidt and S. Poli, pp 669-701 PDF
4.20 – Chemical and Isotopic Cycling in Subduction Zones
G.E. Bebout, pp 703-747 PDF
4.21 – One View of the Geochemistry of Subduction-Related Magmatic Arcs, with an Emphasis on Primitive Andesite and Lower Crust
P.B. Kelemen, K. Hanghøj and A.R. Greene, pp 749-806 PDF

Volume 5: The Atmosphere
Hans Oeschger and Christian Junge,  p xiii PDF
Volume Editor’s Introduction
Ralph Keeling and Lynn Russell, pp xxiii-xxv PDF
5.1 – Ozone, Hydroxyl Radical, and Oxidative Capacity
R.G. Prinn, pp 1-18 PDF
5.2 – Tropospheric Halogen Chemistry
R. von Glasow and P.J. Crutzen, pp 19-69 PDF
5.3 – Global Methane Biogeochemistry
W.S. Reeburgh, pp 71-94 PDF
5.4 – Tropospheric Aerosols
P.R. Buseck and S.E. Schwartz, pp 95-137 PDF
5.5 – Biomass Burning: The Cycling of Gases and Particulates from the Biosphere to the Atmosphere
J.S. Levine, pp 139-150 PDF
5.6 – Mass-Independent Isotopic Composition of Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Materials
M.H. Thiemens and R. Shaheen, pp 151-177 PDF
5.7 – The Stable Isotopic Composition of Atmospheric CO2
H.P. Affek and D. Yakir, pp 179-212 PDF
5.8 – Water Stable Isotopes: Atmospheric Composition and Applications in Polar Ice Core Studies
J. Jouzel, pp 213-256 PDF
5.9 – Radiocarbon
W.S. Broecker, pp 257-271 PDF
5.10 – Natural Radionuclides in the Atmosphere
K.K. Turekian and W.C. Graustein, pp 273-289 PDF
5.11 – Carbonaceous Particles
L.M. Russell, pp 291-316 PDF
5.12 – Ocean-Derived Aerosol and Its Climate Impacts
P.K. Quinn and T.S. Bates, pp 317-330 PDF
5.13 – Aerosol Hygroscopicity: Particle Water Content and Its Role in Atmospheric Processes
S.M. Kreidenweis and A. Asa-Awuku, pp 331-361 PDF
5.14 – The Stable Isotopic Composition of Atmospheric O2
B. Luz, E. Barkan and J.P. Severinghaus, pp 363-383 PDF
5.15 – Studies of Recent Changes in Atmospheric O2 Content
R.F. Keeling and A.C. Manning, pp 385-404 PDF
5.16 – Fluorine-Containing Greenhouse Gases
R.G. Prinn and R.F. Weiss, pp 405-417 PDF

Volume 6: The Atmosphere – History
Preston E. Cloud Jr., p xiii PDF
Volume Editor’s Introduction
James Farquhar, pp xxiii-xxv PDF
6.1 – Geochemical and Planetary Dynamical Views on the Origin of Earth’s Atmosphere and Oceans
N. Dauphas and A. Morbidelli, pp 1-35 PDF
6.2 – Degassing History of Earth
Youxue Zhang, pp 37-69 PDF
6.3 – Chemistry of Earth’s Earliest Atmosphere
B. Fegley and L.K. Schaefer, pp 71-90 PDF
6.4 – Geologic and Geochemical Constraints on Earth’s Early Atmosphere
J. Farquhar, A.L. Zerkle and A. Bekker, pp 91-138 PDF
6.5 – Paleobiological Clues to Early Atmospheric Evolution
C. Hallmann and R.E. Summons, pp 139-155 PDF
6.6 – Modeling the Archean Atmosphere and Climate
J.F. Kasting, pp 157-175 PDF
6.7 – The Great Oxidation Event Transition
D.C. Catling, pp 177-195 PDF
6.8 – Proterozoic Atmospheric Oxygen
D.E. Canfield, pp 197-216 PDF
6.9 – Neoproterozoic Atmospheres and Glaciation
Y. Donnadieu, Y. Goddéris and G. Le Hir, pp 217-229 PDF
6.10 – Oxygen and Early Animal Evolution
S. Xiao, pp 231-250 PDF
6.11 – Atmospheric CO2 and O2 During the Phanerozoic: Tools, Patterns, and Impacts
D.L. Royer, pp 251-267 PDF
6.12 – The Geochemistry of Mass Extinction
L.R. Kump, pp 269-280 PDF
6.13 – Greenhouse Climates
M. Pagani, M. Huber and B. Sageman, pp 281-304 PDF
6.14 – Atmospheric Composition and Biogeochemical Cycles over the Last Million Years
J. Chappellaz, M. Legrand, … P. Friedlingstein, pp 305-326 PDF
6.15 – Relating Weathering Fronts for Acid Neutralization and Oxidation to pCO2 and pO2
S.L. Brantley, M. Lebedeva and E. Bazilevskaya, pp 327-352 PDF
6.16 – The History of Planetary Degassing as Recorded by Noble Gases
D. Porcelli and K.K. Turekian, pp 353-382 PDF
6.17 – The Origin of Noble Gases and Major Volatiles in the Terrestrial Planets
D. Porcelli and R.O. Pepin, pp 383-406 PDF

Volume 7: Surface And Groundwater, Weathering and Soils
WernerStumm, p xiii PDF
Volume Editor’s Introduction
James I. Drever, pp xxiii-xxiv PDF
7.1 – Soil Formation
R. Amundson, pp 1-26 PDF
7.2 – Modeling Low-Temperature Geochemical Processes
D.K. Nordstrom and K.M. Campbell, pp 27-68 PDF
7.3 – Reaction Kinetics of Primary Rock-Forming Minerals under Ambient Conditions
S.L. Brantley and A.A. Olsen, pp 69-113 PDF
7.4 – Natural Weathering Rates of Silicate Minerals
A.F. White and H.L. Buss, pp 115-155 PDF
7.5 – Geochemical Weathering in Glacial and Proglacial Environments
M. Tranter and J.L Wadham, pp 157-173 PDF
7.6 – Chemical Weathering Rates, CO2 Consumption, and Control Parameters Deduced from the Chemical Composition of Rivers
J. Viers, P. Oliva, … J. Gaillardet, pp 175-194 PDF
7.7 – Trace Elements in River Waters
J. Gaillardet, J. Viers and B. Dupré, pp 195-235 PDF
7.8 – Dissolved Organic Matter in Freshwaters
E.M. Perdue and J.D. Ritchie, pp 237-272 PDF
7.9 – Environmental Isotope Applications in Hydrologic Studies
C. Kendall, D.H. Doctor and M.B. Young, pp 273-327 PDF
7.10 – Metal Stable Isotopes in Weathering and Hydrology
T.D. Bullen, pp 329-359 PDF
7.11 – Groundwater Dating and Residence-Time Measurements
F.M. Phillips and M.C. Castro, pp 361-400 PDF
7.12 – Cosmogenic Nuclides in Weathering and Erosion
D.E. Granger and C.S. Riebe, pp 401-436 PDF
7.13 – Geochemistry of Saline Lakes
D.M. Deocampo and B.F. Jones, pp 437-469 PDF
7.14 – Deep Fluids in Sedimentary Basins
Y.K. Kharaka and J.S. Hanor, pp 471-515 PDF
7.15 – Deep Fluids in the Continents
S.K. Frape, A. Blyth, … M. Gascoyne, pp 517-562 PDF

Volume 8: The Oceans and Marine Geochemistry
Harmon Craig, John Edmond and Cesare Emiliani, p xiii PDF
Volume Editor’s Introduction
Michael J. Mottl and Henry Elderfield, pp xxiii-xxv PDF
8.1 – Physico-Chemical Controls on Seawater
F.J. Millero, pp 1-18 PDF
8.2 – Controls of Trace Metals in Seawater
K.W. Bruland, R. Middag and M.C. Lohan, pp 19-51 PDF
8.3 – Air–Sea Exchange of Marine Trace Gases
R. Beale, M.T. Johnson, … P.D. Nightingale, pp 53-92 PDF
8.4 – The Biological Pump
C.L. De La Rocha and U. Passow, pp 93-122 PDF
8.5 – Marine Bioinorganic Chemistry: The Role of Trace Metals in the Oceanic Cycles of Major Nutrients
F.M.M. Morel, A.J. Milligan and M.A. Saito, pp 123-150 PDF
8.6 – Organic Matter in the Contemporary Ocean
T.I. Eglinton and D.J. Repeta, pp 151-189 PDF
8.7 – Hydrothermal Processes
C.R. German and W.E. Seyfried, pp 191-233 PDF
8.8 – Tracers of Ocean Mixing
William J. Jenkins, pp 235-257 PDF
8.9 – Chemical Tracers of Particle Transport
R.F. Anderson, pp 259-280 PDF
8.10 – Biological Fluxes in the Ocean and Atmospheric pCO2
D. Archer and T. Jokulsdottir, pp 281-292 PDF
8.11 – Sedimentary Diagenesis, Depositional Environments, and Benthic Fluxes
R.C. Aller, pp 293-334 PDF
8.12 – Geochronometry of Marine Deposits
K.K. Turekian and M.P. Bacon, pp 335-353 PDF
8.13 – Geochemical Evidence for Quaternary Sea-Level Changes
R.L. Edwards, H. Cheng, … D.A. Richards, pp 355-372 PDF
8.14 – Elemental and Isotopic Proxies of Past Ocean Temperatures
D.W. Lea, pp 373-397 PDF
8.15 – Alkenone Paleotemperature Determinations
T.D. Herbert, pp 399-433 PDF
8.16 – Tracers of Past Ocean Circulation
J. Lynch-Stieglitz and T.M. Marchitto, pp 435-451 PDF
8.17 – Long-lived Isotopic Tracers in Oceanography, Paleoceanography, and Ice-sheet Dynamics
S.L. Goldstein and S.R. Hemming, pp 453-483 PDF
8.18 – The Biological Pump in the Past
M.P. Hain, D.M. Sigman and G.H. Haug, pp 485-517 PDF
8.19 – The Oceanic CaCO3 Cycle
A.J. Andersson, pp 519-542 PDF
8.20 – Records of Cenozoic Ocean Chemistry
G.E. Ravizza and J.C. Zachos, pp 543-568 PDF
8.21 – The Geologic History of Seawater
T.K. Lowenstein, B. Kendall and A.D. Anbar, pp 569-622 PDF

Volume 9: Sediments, Diagenesis and Sedimentary Rocks
Robert Garrels and John W. Morse, p xiii PDF
Volume Editor’s Introduction
Fred T. Mackenzie, pp xxiii-xxxii PDF
9.1 – Chemical Composition and Mineralogy of Marine Sediments
Y.-H. Li and J.E. Schoonmaker, pp 1-32 PDF
9.2 – The Recycling of Biogenic Material at the Sea Floor
W.R. Martin and F.L. Sayles, pp 33-59 PDF
9.3 – Formation and Diagenesis of Carbonate Sediments
R.S. Arvidson and J.W. Morse, pp 61-101 PDF
9.4 – The Diagenesis of Biogenic Silica: Chemical Transformations Occurring in the Water Column, Seabed, and Crust
D.J. DeMaster, pp 103-111 PDF
9.5 – Formation and Geochemistry of Precambrian Cherts
Eugene C. Perry and Liliana Lefticariu, pp 113-139 PDF
9.6 – Geochemistry of Fine-Grained, Organic Carbon-Rich Facies
B.B. Sageman, T.W. Lyons and Y.Ji. Joo, pp 141-179 PDF
9.7 – Late Diagenesis and Mass Transfer in Sandstone–Shale Sequences
K.L. Milliken, pp 181-206 PDF
9.8 – Coal Formation and Geochemistry
W.H. Orem and R.B. Finkelman, pp 207-232 PDF
9.9 – Formation and Geochemistry of Oil and Gas
R.P. Philp, pp 233-265 PDF
9.10 – The Sedimentary Sulfur System: Biogeochemistry and Evolution through Geologic Time
D. Rickard, pp 267-326 PDF
9.11 – Manganiferous Sediments, Rocks, and Ores
J. Barry Maynard, pp 327-349 PDF
9.12 – Green Clay Minerals
B. Velde, pp 351-364 PDF
9.13 – Chronometry of Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks
W.B.N. Berry, pp 365-384 PDF
9.14 – The Geochemistry of Mass Extinction
L.R. Kump, pp 385-397 PDF
9.15 – Evolution of Sedimentary Rocks
J. Veizer and F.T. Mackenzie, pp 399-435 PDF
9.16 – Stable Isotopes in the Sedimentary Record
A. Lerman and N. Clauer, pp 437-481 PDF
9.17 – Geochemistry of Evaporites and Evolution of Seawater
M. Bąbel and B.C. Schreiber, pp 483-560 PDF
9.18 – Iron Formations: Their Origins and Implications for Ancient Seawater Chemistry
A. Bekker, N.J. Planavsky, … K.O. Konhauser, pp 561-628 PDF
9.19 – Bedded Barite Deposits: Environments of Deposition, Styles of Mineralization, and Tectonic Settings
E.R. Elswick and J.B. Maynard, pp 629-656 PDF

Volume 10: Biogeochemistry
Alfred C. Redfield, p xiii PDF
Volume Editors’ Introduction
David M. Karl and William H. Schlesinger, pp xxiii-xxvi PDF
10.1 – The Early History of Life
E.G. Nisbet and C.M.R. Fowler, pp 1-42 PDF
10.2 – Evolution of Metabolism
K.H. Nealson and R. Rye, pp 43-59 PDF
10.3 – Sedimentary Hydrocarbons, Biomarkers for Early Life
J.J. Brocks and R.E. Summons, pp 61-103 PDF
10.4 – Biomineralization
H.C.W. Skinner and H. Ehrlich, pp 105-162 PDF
10.5 – Biogeochemistry of Primary Production in the Sea
P.G. Falkowski, pp 163-187 PDF
10.6 – Biogeochemical Interactions Governing Terrestrial Net Primary Production
F.S. Chapin and V.T. Eviner, pp 189-216 PDF
10.7 – Biogeochemistry of Decomposition and Detrital Processing
J. Sanderman and R. Amundson, pp 217-272 PDF
10.8 – Anaerobic Metabolism: Linkages to Trace Gases and Aerobic Processes
J.P. Megonigal, M.E. Hines and P.T. Visscher, pp 273-359 PDF
10.9 – The Geologic History of the Carbon Cycle
E.T. Sundquist and K. Visser Ackerman, pp 361-398 PDF
10.10 – The Contemporary Carbon Cycle
R.A. Houghton, pp 399-435 PDF
10.11 – The Global Oxygen Cycle
S.T. Petsch, pp 437-473 PDF
10.12 – The Global Nitrogen Cycle
J.N. Galloway, pp 475-498 PDF
10.13 – The Global Phosphorus Cycle
K.C. Ruttenberg, pp 499-558 PDF
10.14 – The Global Sulfur Cycle
P. Brimblecombe, pp 559-591 PDF
10.15 – Plankton Respiration, Net Community Production and the Organic Carbon Cycle in the Oceanic Water Column
P.J. le B. Williams, pp 593-612 PDF
10.16 – Respiration in Terrestrial Ecosystems
J.W. Raich, H. Lambers and D.J. Oliver, pp 613-649 PDF

Volume 11: Environmental Geochemistry
Clair Patterson and Rachel Carson, p xiii PDF
Volume Editor’s Introduction
B. Sherwood Lollar, pp xxiii-xxiv PDF
11.1 – Groundwater and Air Contamination: Risk, Toxicity, Exposure Assessment, Policy, and Regulation
R.J. Watts and A.L. Teel, pp 1-12 PDF
11.2 – Arsenic and Selenium
JA. Plant, J. Bone, … B. Klinck, pp 13-57 PDF
11.3 – Heavy Metals in the Environment – Historical Trends
E. Callender, pp 59-89 PDF
11.4 – Geochemistry of Mercury in the Environment
W.F. Fitzgerald and C.H. Lamborg, pp 91-129 PDF
11.5 – The Geochemistry of Acid Mine Drainage
D.W. Blowes, C.J. Ptacek, … D.B. Johnson, pp 131-190 PDF
11.6 – Radioactivity, Geochemistry, and Health
M.D. Siegel and C.R. Bryan, pp 191-256 PDF
11.7 – The Environmental and Medical Geochemistry of Potentially Hazardous Materials Produced by Disasters
G.S. Plumlee, S.A. Morman, … R.E. Wolf, pp 257-304 PDF
11.8 – Eutrophication of Freshwater Systems
N.A. Serediak, E.E. Prepas and G.J. Putz, pp 305-323 PDF
11.9 – Salinization and Saline Environments
A. Vengosh, pp 325-378 PDF
11.10 – Acid Rain – Acidification and Recovery
S.A. Norton, J. Kopáček and I.J. Fernandez, pp 379-414 PDF
11.11 – Tropospheric Ozone and Photochemical Smog
S. Sillman, pp 415-437 PDF
11.12 – Volatile Hydrocarbons and Fuel Oxygenates
I.M. Cozzarelli, J.R. Mckelvie and A.L. Baehr, pp 439-480 PDF
11.13 – High Molecular Weight Petrogenic and Pyrogenic Hydrocarbons in Aquatic Environments
T.A. Abrajano, B. Yan and V. O’Malley, pp 481-509 PDF
11.14 – Biogeochemistry of Halogenated Hydrocarbons
P. Adriaens, C. Gruden and M.L. McCormick, pp 511-533 PDF
11.15 – The Geochemistry of Pesticides
J.E. Barbash, pp 535-572 PDF
11.16 – The Biogeochemistry of Contaminant Groundwater Plumes Arising from Waste Disposal Facilities
P.L. Bjerg, H.-J. Albrechtsen, … I.M. Cozzarelli, pp 573-605 PDF

Volume 12: Organic Geochemistry
John I. Hedges and Thomas C. Hoering, p xiii PDF
Volume Editors’ Introduction
Paul G. Falkowski and Katherine H. Freeman, pp xxiii-xxiv PDF
12.1 – Organic Geochemistry of Meteorites
M.A. Sephton, pp 1-31 PDF
12.2 – Organic Geochemical Signatures of Early Life on Earth
R.E. Summons and C. Hallmann, pp 33-46 PDF
12.3 – The Analysis and Application of Biomarkers
K. Grice and C. Eiserbeck, pp 47-78 PDF
12.4 – Hydrogen Isotope Signatures in the Lipids of Phytoplankton
J.P. Sachs, pp 79-94 PDF
12.5 – 13C/12C Signatures in Plants and Algae
Y. Chikaraishi, pp 95-123 PDF
12.6 – Dissolved Organic Matter in Aquatic Systems
T. Dittmar and A. Stubbins, pp 125-156 PDF
12.7 – Dynamics, Chemistry, and Preservation of Organic Matter in Soils
I. Kögel-Knabner and W. Amelung, pp 157-215 PDF
12.8 – Weathering of Organic Carbon
S.T. Petsch, pp 217-238 PDF
12.9 – Organic Carbon Cycling and the Lithosphere
L.A. Derry, pp 239-249 PDF
12.10 – Organic Nitrogen: Sources, Fates, and Chemistry
N. Ohkouchi and Y. Takano, pp 251-289 PDF
12.11 – Lipidomics for Geochemistry
A. Pearson, pp 291-336 PDF
12.12 – Mineral Matrices and Organic Matter
R.G. Keil and L.M. Mayer, pp 337-359 PDF
12.13 – Biomarker-Based Inferences of Past Climate: The Alkenone pCO2 Proxy
M. Pagani, pp 361-378 PDF
12.14 – Biomarker-Based Inferences of Past Climate: The TEX86 Paleotemperature Proxy
J.E. Tierney, pp 379-393 PDF
12.15 – Biomarkers for Terrestrial Plants and Climate
K.H. Freeman and R.D. Pancost, pp 395-416 PDF

Volume 13: Geochemistry of Mineral Deposits
Heinrich D. Holland, p xiii PDF
Volume Editor’s Introduction
Steven D. Scott, pp xxiii-xxv PDF
13.1 – Fluids and Ore Formation in the Earth’s Crust
C.A. Heinrich and P.A. Candela, pp 1-28 PDF
13.2 – The Chemistry of Metal Transport and Deposition by Ore-Forming Hydrothermal Fluids
T.M. Seward, A.E. Williams-Jones and A.A. Migdisov, pp 29-57 PDF
13.3 – Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Mineral Deposits
W.C. Pat Shanks, pp 59-85 PDF
13.4 – Dating and Tracing the History of Ore Formation
H.J. Stein, pp 87-118 PDF
13.5 – Fluid Inclusions in Hydrothermal Ore Deposits
R.J. Bodnar, P. Lecumberri-Sanchez, … M. Steele-MacInnis, pp 119-142 PDF
13.6 – Melt Inclusions
A. Audétat and J.B. Lowenstern, pp 143-173 PDF
13.7 – Metamorphosed Hydrothermal Ore Deposits
L. Corriveau and P.G. Spry, pp 175-194 PDF
13.8 – Geochemistry of Magmatic Ore Deposits
J.E. Mungall, pp 195-218 PDF
13.9 – Sediment-Hosted Zinc–Lead Mineralization
J.J. Wilkinson, pp 219-249 PDF
13.10 – Low-Temperature Sediment-Hosted Copper Deposits
A.C. Brown, pp 251-271 PDF
13.11 – Deep-Ocean Ferromanganese Crusts and Nodules
J.R. Hein and A. Koschinsky, pp 273-291 PDF
13.12 – Geochemistry of a Marine Phosphate Deposit: A Signpost to Phosphogenesis
D.Z. Piper and R.B. Perkins, pp 293-312 PDF
13.13 – Sedimentary Hosted Iron Ores
E.R. Ramanaidou and M.A. Wells, pp 313-355 PDF
13.14 – Geochemistry of Porphyry Deposits
D.R. Cooke, P. Hollings, … R.M. Tosdal, pp 357-381 PDF
13.15 – Geochemistry of Hydrothermal Gold Deposits
J.A. Saunders, A.H. Hofstra, … M.H. Reed, pp 383-424 PDF
13.16 – Silver Vein Deposits
S.A. Kissin and H. Mango, pp 425-432 PDF
13.17 – Geochemistry of Placer Gold – A Case Study of the Witwatersrand Deposits
L. Robb and C. Hayward, pp 433-461 PDF
13.18 – Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Deposits
M.D. Hannington, pp 463-488 PDF
13.19 – Uranium Ore Deposits
K. Kyser, pp 489-513 PDF
13.20 – Iron Oxide(–Cu–Au–REE–P–Ag–U–Co) Systems
M.D. Barton, pp 515-541 PDF
13.21 – Geochemistry of the Rare-Earth Element, Nb, Ta, Hf, and Zr Deposits
R.L. Linnen, I.M. Samson, … A.R. Chakhmouradian, pp 543-568 PDF
13.22 – Geochemistry of Evaporite Ores in an Earth-Scale Climatic and Tectonic Framework
J.K. Warren, pp 569-593 PDF
13.23 – Gem Deposits
L.A. Groat, D.J. Turner and R.J. Evans, pp 595-622 PDF
13.24 – Exploration Geochemistry
D.R. Cohen and R.J. Bowell, pp 623-650 PDF

Volume 14: Archaeology and Anthropology
Willard F. Libby, p xiii PDF
Volume Editor’s Introduction
Thure E. Cerling, pp xxiii-xxiv PDF
14.1 – K/Ar and 40Ar/39Ar Isotopic Dating Techniques as Applied to Young Volcanic Rocks, Particularly Those Associated with Hominin Localities
I. McDougall, pp 1-15 PDF
14.2 – Luminescence Dating Methods
A.G. Wintle, pp 17-35 PDF
14.3 – Radiocarbon: Calibration to Absolute Time Scale
I. Hajdas, pp 37-43 PDF
14.4 – Radiocarbon: Archaeological Applications
A.J.T. Jull and G.S. Burr, pp 45-53 PDF
14.5 – The Molecular Clock
A.R. Rogers, pp 55-61 PDF
14.6 – Correlation: Volcanic Ash, Obsidian
F.H. Brown and B.P. Nash, pp 63-80 PDF
14.7 – Cosmogenic Nuclide Burial Dating in Archaeology and Paleoanthropology
D.E. Granger, pp 81-97 PDF
14.8 – Marine Sediment Records of African Climate Change: Progress and Puzzles
P.B. deMenocal, pp 99-108 PDF
14.9 – History of Water in the Middle East and North Africa
M. Bar-Matthews, pp 109-128 PDF
14.10 – The Carbon, Oxygen, and Clumped Isotopic Composition of Soil Carbonate in Archeology
J. Quade, pp 129-143 PDF
14.11 – Microanalytical Isotope Chemistry: Applications for Archaeology
W.P. Patterson, pp 145-156 PDF
14.12 – Stable Isotope Evidence for Hominin Environments in Africa
T.E. Cerling, pp 157-167 PDF
14.13 – Geochemistry of Ancient Metallurgy: Examples from Africa and Elsewhere
S. Chirikure, pp 169-189 PDF
14.14 – Elemental and Isotopic Analysis of Ancient Ceramics and Glass
P. Degryse and D. Braekmans, pp 191-207 PDF
14.15 – Synchrotron Methods: Color in Paints and Minerals
I. Reiche and E. Chalmin, pp 209-239 PDF
14.16 – Geochemical Methods of Establishing Provenance and Authenticity of Mediterranean Marbles
N. Herz and E. Garrison, pp 241-253 PDF
14.17 – Biblical Events and Environments – Authentification of Controversial Archaeological Artifacts
A. Ayalon, M. Bar-Matthews and Y. Goren, pp 255-270 PDF
14.18 – Trace Evidence: Glass, Paint, Soil, and Bone
S.C. Jantzi and J.R. Almirall, pp 271-284 PDF
14.19 – Stable Isotopes in Forensics Applications
L.A. Chesson, B.J. Tipple, … J.R. Ehleringer, pp 285-317 PDF
14.20 – Reconstructing Aquatic Resource Exploitation in Human Prehistory Using Lipid Biomarkers and Stable Isotopes
L. Cramp and R.P. Evershed, pp 319-339 PDF
14.21 – Investigating Ancient Diets Using Stable Isotopes in Bioapatites
M. Sponheimer and T.E. Cerling, pp 341-355 PDF
14.22 – Human Physiology in Relation to Isotopic Studies of Ancient and Modern Humans
H.P. Schwarcz, pp 357-369 PDF
14.23 – Hair as a Geochemical Recorder
A.H. Thompson, A.S. Wilson and J.R. Ehleringer, pp 371-393 PDF

Volume 15: Analytical Geochemistry/Inorganic INSTR. Analysis
Alfred O.C. Nier, p xiii PDF
Volume Editor’s Introduction
William F. McDonough, pp xxiii-xxvii PDF
15.1 – Basic Considerations: Sampling, the Key for a Successful Applied Geochemical Survey for Mineral Exploration and Environmental Purposes
A. Demetriades, pp 1-31 PDF
15.2 – Error Propagation
Haibo Zou, pp 33-42 PDF
15.3 – Reference Materials in Geochemical and Environmental Research
K.P. Jochum and J. Enzweiler, pp 43-70 PDF
15.4 – Application of Isotope Dilution in Geochemistry
A. Stracke, E.E. Scherer and B.C. Reynolds, pp 71-86 PDF
15.5 – Sample Digestion Methods
Z. Hu and L. Qi, pp 87-109 PDF
15.6 – Developments in Clean Lab Practices
J. Košler and T. Magna, pp 111-122 PDF
15.7 – Basics of Ion Exchange Chromatography for Selected Geological Applications
M. Schönbächler and M.A. Fehr, pp 123-146 PDF
15.8 – Separation Methods Based on Liquid–Liquid Extraction, Extraction Chromatography, and Other Miscellaneous Solid Phase Extraction Processes
C. Pin and J. Rodriguez, pp 147-170 PDF
15.9 – Principles of Atomic Spectroscopy
P.J. Potts, pp 171-180 PDF
15.10 – x-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy for Geochemistry
K. Nakayama and T. Nakamura, pp 181-194 PDF
15.11 – Raman and Nuclear Resonant Spectroscopy in Geosciences
J.-F. Lin, E.E. Alp and A.F. Goncharov, pp 195-211 PDF
15.12 – Synchrotron x-Ray Spectroscopic Analysis
S.R. Sutton and M. Newville, pp 213-230 PDF
15.13 – Transmission Electron Microscope-Based Spectroscopy
R.M. Stroud, pp 231-244 PDF
15.14 – Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy
R.S. Harmon and R.E. Russo, pp 245-272 PDF
15.15 – Nuclear Spectroscopy
M.D. Glascock, pp 273-290 PDF
15.16 – Stable Isotope Techniques for Gas Source Mass Spectrometry
Z.D. Sharp, pp 291-307 PDF
15.17 – Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometers
J.W. Olesik, pp 309-336 PDF
15.18 – Thermal Ionization Mass Spectrometry
R.W. Carlson, pp 337-354 PDF
15.19 – Noble Gas Mass Spectrometry
R. Wieler, pp 355-373 PDF
15.20 – Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
A.J.T. Jull and G.S. Burr, pp 375-383 PDF
15.21 – Ion Microscopes and Microprobes
T.R. Ireland, pp 385-409 PDF
15.22 – Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry, Secondary Neutral Mass Spectrometry, and Resonance Ionization Mass Spectrometry
T. Henkel and J. Gilmour, pp 411-424 PDF
15.23 – Laser Ablation ICP-MS and Laser Fluorination GS-MS
R. Arevalo, pp 425-441 PDF
15.24 – Geoneutrino Detection
M.C. Chen, pp 443-454 PDF